The Paul Heath Community Education and Fine Arts Center is home to specialized fine arts classrooms and labs. The hallmark of this facility is the state-of-the-art, 303-seat Mary Ellen Orr Auditorium, where community, artistic and cultural events are held.

The Auditorium Seat Project enhances overall fine arts instruction needs. Gifts are recognized with a personalized plaque that is attached to an auditorium seat. This opportunity can honor or memorialize an individual, commemorate a special day, or simply carry your name.

Two categories of seats are available:

  • Upper 203 tiered seats--$300
  • 100 seats closest to the stage--$500

If you would like to participate in the Mary Ellen Orr Auditorium Seat Project, please contact the JWCC Advancement Office at 217.641.4105 or email

How to help

Donations significantly impact the students, faculty, and staff at John Wood Community College. With your help we can provide funding for student aid, equipment, and facilities.